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  • - Basics
  • - Entity Framework
  • - Xamarin
  • - Blazor/Razor
  • - WebAPI


Wrote a bunch of complex scripts, to make our lifes easier. Mainly for our Active Directory and our Exchange System. But also a few SharePoint Scripts.

Power Platform

  • - Power Apps
  • - Power Automate
  • - Dataverse
did some projects with the power platform to automate processes.


Since Sharepoint 2007 I'm the main responsable person for our SharePoint Infrastructure. Migrated our Sharepoint content from 2007 to 2010, then to 2016 and now towards Sharepoint Online.


With CRM and my C# course i got the basic skills and knowledge about SQL. With more private C# projects these skills will be refined.

Git and Github

Mainly used git for my personal Projects and with the Developer Course. Until now, not so much with a team and branches.


Started working with SCRUM with my Departmentchange. I really enjoy working with this framework, as you (personally) and the team get more productive from Sprint to Sprint.


Probably a bit rusty on that part, as i don't need that too much.


Mainly worked with Windows OS. Started with Windows 95. Skipped Vista and Windows 8.


Mainly worked on our local Trac/SVN Server (Apache + SVN plugins). Semi-Automated some work there with scripts.


  • - 2007
  • - 2010
  • - 2016
  • - Online


Worked on the WebGUI as well as with Powershell with Exchange Onprem and Online. Created a bunch of Powershell scripts to make my life easier.

Active Directory

Worked on the GUI as well as with Powershell on our local Active Directory. Created a bunch of Powershell scripts to make my life easier.

Power Platform

Used the PowerPlatform for a few Projects to make processes better, more modern and more automated. Mainly used PowerApps and Automate in combination with SharePoint and Dataverse.


Did mainly Support tasks for our CRM System, but also some Processes, Form and Backend changes.


As work moves more and more towards the cloud, the need of Azure know-how is mandatory. So my Azure knowledge is growing day by day.


Operational and Administrative. As I'm responsable for our organization projects, i know the operational part and as we work with SCRUM i also know a bit of the Usage part.
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